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2d wire bending forming machine

2d wire bending forming machine
Model: 2.0-6.0mm
Axis: 3
Feeding servo motor: 2.3kw
Hydraulic motor: 2.2kw
Machine weight: 1400kg
Description: cnc 2D Wire Bending Machine 2-6mm Automatic CNC 2D wire Bending Machine :Suitable for iron wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire (round, square, flat), punching (bending) square, round, hexagonal, ellipse and various irregular shape of plane wire shape.


2d wire bending forming machine

It can bend the largest 10mm diameter, continuous production of any plane shape products; As long as the parameters are set on the operating table, the ideal two-dimensional shape can be bended at one time without additional dies; the machine is widely used for making automotive components, daily Hardware Supplies, Iron wire craft products, processing of various cage tools, Various hooks.

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Technical parameter of steel wire 2d bending machine:

Axle number 3

steel Wire Diameter 2-6mm

Number of feeder wheels (group): 3

Wire Range: Round line, flat line, square line (suitable for any wire material)

Storage: 10,000 data, 300 actions in a group

Maximum feeding speed (m/min): 100

Servo motor power of feeding shaft (kW) : 2.3

Cutter Shaft Servo Motor Power (kW): 1.5

Power of bending Axis Servomotor (kW)): 2.3

Irection of action: Internal and external die can be lifted and bended in both directions.

Feeding accuracy (mm): ±0.1

Maximum bending speed: 800 rpm, angle (+180)

Capacity 25-30pcs/min, (200*200mm square)

Operating system :32-bit Chinese and English (with upload and download functions)

Woltage 380V,50HZ/60HZ

Weight (KG) 1400KG

Machine size (length * width * height mm) 2500*1000*1680mm

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