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Automatic long steel rod threading machinery

Model: Z28-650 automatic long steel rod threading machinery
Max rolling diameter: 120mm
Max rolling thread pitch: 12mm
Max rolling pressure: 650kn
Description: This product is a automatic anchor bolt thread rolling machine, which is well received by users for its sturdy structure, sophisticated manufacture and strong power. Z28-650 thread rolling machine is mainly used for rolling various high-strength materials (45#, 40cr, 42crmo, stainless steel, etc.) Standard parts, large-thread and large-diameter workpieces, including ordinary threads, trapezoidal threads, modular threads and such heterosexual parts.


Automatic long steel rod threading machinery

Our machines ideally conformed to thread ISO, ACME, TPN and WORM threads in cold or hot forming process.

Thread Rolling Machines are used in the production of bolt, screw, anchor, spline, ball joint, shaft, or support for scaffolding industry.

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Model Z28-650 automatic steel rod threading machinery

Rolling thread range Diameter 120mm

Max thread pitch 12mm

Spindle angle ±10°

Max rolling pressure 650kn

Spindle RPM CTV

Roller size range Outside diameter 310mm

Hole 75/100mm

Max width 260mm

Rolling time 0.1-99.9s

Rest time 0.1-99.9s

Spindle drive power 18.5kw

Hydraulic transmission power 11kw

Dimension 2300*2400*1700mm

Weight 6000KG

Finished workpieces of automatic steel rod threading machinery

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