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infeed thread rolling dies

infeed thread rolling dies from China zhihaomachinery company
Size: M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M188, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M33, M36, M42, M48, M56, M64, M72, M80, M90, M100
Thickness range: 50mm - 210mm
Hole size: 54mm, 75mm
Weight: 30kg per set


Infeed thread rolling dies

Surface for infeed dies: There are multiple starts (helix angle) at the edge of thread rolling dies.

Thread rolling progress for infeed thread rolling dies: The work piece stays at the same rollng point.

Axial movement for infeed thread rolling dies: Work piece rotates between the dies. but has little to no axial movement.

Application for infeed dies: To thread rolling of shorter length.

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Infeed thread rolling dies from zhihaomachinery:

infeed thread rolling dies, zhihaomachinery

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