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máquina dobladora de alambre 2d wire bending machine for sale

Model: 2.0-6.0mm 2d wire bending machine for sale
Axis: 4
Feeding servo motor: 4.5kw
Bendingc motor: 1.8kw
Lift motor: 0.75kw
Cutting motor: 1.5kw
Maximum delivery speed: 90m / min), 60m / min (with reduce)
Machine weight: 1300kg
Machine size: 2500mm x 1650mm x 1800mm
Advantages: The computer operating system can be connected to the Internet to realize remote control and operation. The production efficiency and output are displayed on the human-machine interface, and the equipment can be automatically shut down after reaching the specified output.


2d wire bending machine for sale

1. Main Features 

1.Servo drive, Stable performance;

2.High precision, no noise;

3.Easy to operate,adopt special microcomputer control,intelligent forming,high efficiency,save electricity;

4.Automatic straightening, wire feeding, forming, cutting and record number;

5.Wire feeding wheels, straightening wheels, forming wheels adopt the German high quality alloy, after vacuum heat treatment ,the high abrasion resistance and long service life;

6.Suitable for forming Various 2D shapes for all kinds of metal ( such as steel, iron, stainless steel and aluminum wire, etc. ) 

2. Technical parameter

Equipment name: CNC 2D Wire Bending Machine

Processing wire diameter specification):Φ2-Φ6mm for Ordinary iron wire (customized for increased wire diameter)

Number of control shafts: 4

Power of wire feeding motor: 4.5kw, equipped with 160 Type 1:5 reducer

Bending motor power: 1.8kw with 142 type 1:20 reduce

Inner touch lifting motor powerr: 0.75KW, equipped with 90 type 1: 10 reducer

Cutter motor power: 1.5kw with 120 type 1:10 reducer

Maximum delivery speed: 90m / min), 60m / min (with reduce

Wire feeding accuracy: 9000mm ± 0.1)/ 6000mm ± 0.2 (with reducer)

Maximum bearing capacity of electric wire feeding frame: 1500kg, 3T (large-scale paying off frame

Diameter of outer circle of electric wire feeder: Φ 1500mm

Electric feeding rack motor power: 1.5kw with wpwdk080 × 1:60 reducer

Main machine voltage: three-phase 380V

Main machine weight:1300kg

Main machine size: 2500mm x 1650mm x 1800mm

Weight of electric feeding rack: 400kg

Electric feeding frame size: 1500mmx1500mmx940mm

3. Detailed photos

2d wire bending machine, zhihaomachinery

4. Finished workpiece

wire bending machine for sale, zhihaomachinery

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