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cnc electric wire bending machine

Model: 2.0-6.0mm cnc electric wire bending machine
Axis: 4
Feeding servo motor: 4.5kw
Bendingc motor: 1.8kw
Lift motor: 0.75kw
Cutting motor: 1.5kw
Maximum delivery speed: 90m / min), 60m / min (with reduce)
Machine weight: 1300kg
Machine size: 2500mm x 1650mm x 1800mm
Advantages: The computer operating system can be connected to the Internet to realize remote control and operation. The production efficiency and output are displayed on the human-machine interface, and the equipment can be automatically shut down after reaching the specified output.


cnc electric wire bending machine

1. Main Features of cnc electric wire bending machine

1.Servo drive, Stable performance;

2.High precision, no noise;

3.Easy to operate,adopt special microcomputer control,intelligent forming,high efficiency,save electricity;

4.Automatic straightening, wire feeding, forming, cutting and record number;

5.Wire feeding wheels, straightening wheels, forming wheels adopt the German high quality alloy, after vacuum heat treatment ,the high abrasion resistance and long service life;

6.Suitable for forming Various 2D shapes for all kinds of metal ( such as steel, iron, stainless steel and aluminum wire, etc. )

2. Technical parameter of cnc electric wire bending machine

Equipment name: CNC electric Wire Bending Machine

Processing wire diameter specification):Φ2-Φ6mm for Ordinary iron wire (customized for increased wire diameter)

Number of control shafts: 4

Power of wire feeding motor: 4.5kw, equipped with 160 Type 1:5 reducer

Bending motor power: 1.8kw with 142 type 1:20 reduce

Inner touch lifting motor powerr: 0.75KW, equipped with 90 type 1: 10 reducer

Cutter motor power: 1.5kw with 120 type 1:10 reducer

Maximum delivery speed: 90m / min), 60m / min (with reduce

Wire feeding accuracy: 9000mm ± 0.1)/ 6000mm ± 0.2 (with reducer)

Maximum bearing capacity of electric wire feeding frame: 1500kg, 3T (large-scale paying off frame

Diameter of outer circle of electric wire feeder:Φ1500mm

Electric feeding rack motor power: 1.5kw with wpwdk080 × 1:60 reducer

Main machine voltage: three-phase 380V

Main machine weight:1300kg

Main machine size: 2500mm x 1650mm x 1800mm

Weight of electric feeding rack: 400kg

Electric feeding frame size: 1500mmx1500mmx940mm

3. Detailed photos

wire bending machine, zhihaomachinery

cnc wire bending machine, zhihaomachinery

4. Finished workpiece of cnc electric wire bending machine

electric wire bending machine, zhihaomachinery

5. Applications of cnc electric wire bending machine

1.Auto Industry area

2.Metal wire industry

3.Display table and cargo shelf

4.Furniture and Kitchen

5.Hardware industry

6.Mattress, Sofa spring area

7.Architecture area

8.Hardware Artcraft

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