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Argentina Thread Rolling Machine For Fisheye Auto Parts Bearings

Model: Z28-200 Argentina Thread Rolling Machine For Fisheye Auto Parts Bearings
Max rolling diameter: 64mm
Max rolling thread pitch: 6mm
Max rolling pressure: 300kn
Dimension: 1900*1700*1450mm
Hydraulic power: 5.5kw
Spindle drive power: 11kw
Weight: 2500kg


Argentina Thread Rolling Machine For Fisheye Auto Parts Bearings

Thread rolling machine for bolts, screws, and studs can create a number of products with standard thread quality of hundreds of the same.

Bolt thread and screw thread have different differences, but in essence the threads of the details are torque loops that are evenly spaced between one ring and the other. Bolt thread mill and screw thread mill have the same structure, only the difference is in the tip of the threaded blade.

Overview of thread rolling machine for bolts, screws, studs

Thread rolling, also known as thread press roller, is a new method of machining that does not produce chips (chips are the part of metal that is removed). Round billets are placed between pressing rollers, which are rollers or rollers, under the action The application of pressure on the work piece surface forms the tool roll marks.

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Model Z28-200 thread rolling machine for Argentina:

Rolling thread range Diameter 64mm

Max thread pitch 6mm

Spindle angle ±10°

Max rolling pressure 300kn

Spindle RPM 22/28/35/45/56/70rpm

Roller size range Outside diameter 210mm

Hole 75mm

Max width 150mm

Rolling time 0.1-99.9s

Rest time 0.1-99.9s

Spindle drive power 11kw

Hydraulic transmission power 5.5kw

Cooling pump power 90w

Dimension 1900*1700*1450mm

Weight 2500kg

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