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Screw thread rolling machine for sale

Model: Z28-200 screw thread rolling machine for sale
Max rolling diameter: 64mm
Max rolling thread pitch: 6mm
Max rolling pressure: 300kn
Dimension: 1900*1700*1450mm
Hydraulic power: 5.5kw
Spindle drive power: 11kw
Weight: 2500kg


Screw thread rolling machine for sale

Thread Rolling Machine Roller Type are with two-die or three-die. It is regarding to the infinite work surfaces. They generally run through the combination of radial and while thread feeding. It is different from Thread Rolling Machine Flat type, the Roller Type thread the metal through multiple passes by rolling it. Usually, there will be a roller support or rest bar set in the middle to hold the stock on the two-die thread rolling machine. As for three-die one, rollers set 120 degrees between each other. All rollers can move radially so the work piece is maintained at the center during threading process.

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Model Z28-200 screw thread rolling machine technical parameter:

Rolling thread range Diameter 64mm

Max thread pitch 6mm        

Spindle angle ±10°

Max rolling pressure 300kn

Spindle RPM 22/28/35/45/56/70rpm

Roller size range Outside diameter 210mm

Hole 75mm

Max width 150mm

Rolling time 0.1-99.9s

Rest time 0.1-99.9s

Spindle drive power 11kw

Hydraulic transmission power 5.5kw

Cooling pump power 90w

Dimension 1900*1700*1450mm

Weight 2500kg

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screw thread rolling machine for sale, zhihaomachinery

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China zhihaomachinery - screw thread rolling machine can rolling many threads.

The below photos are parts of samples. And we can customized any type thread & full thread roller and partical thread roller.

For example:

1 1/2 '----- 8 UN

2' ----  4.5 UNC

3/4 ' --- 10UNC

1 1-2  -----6 UNC

3/4' ---- 16 UNF





3/4' -- 10 UNC

1'---8 UNC

1 1/4' --7 UNC

1 1/2' --6 UNC

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