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CNC 2D Kitchen Basket Wire Forming Machine

Model: 2.0-6.0mm
Axis: 4
Feeding servo motor: 4.5kw
Bendingc motor: 1.8kw
Lift motor: 0.75kw
Cutting motor: 1.5kw
Maximum delivery speed: 90m / min), 60m / min (with reduce)
Machine weight: 1300kg
Machine size: 2500mm x 1650mm x 1800mm
Advantages: The computer operating system can be connected to the Internet to realize remote control and operation. The production efficiency and output are displayed on the human-machine interface, and the equipment can be automatically shut down after reaching the specified output.


CNC 2D Kitchen Basket Wire Forming Machine

1.Equipment Overview

2D kitchen basket wire forming machine is a plane 2D wire bending forming machine. The forming process of wire shapes with different specifications can be realized through various transformations of molds. There are servo feeding + hydraulic cut-off combination, servo feeding + servo cut-off and full servo combination, which can be selected according to the size of actual products to achieve the highest cost performance. According to the needs of products, chamfering, arc punching, punching and other functions can also be added to achieve wider application and use.

2.Performance characteristics

(1) Outline structure layout: The plane design of the equipment is specialized in the frame type, star type and other 2-dimensional shape shaping design of round wire, flat wire and other wire rod. The servo + spring case is installed with the fuselage, and is equipped with CNC finishing, CNC finishing, and the whole machine is flexible, stable, efficient and labor-saving.

(2) Each device part: The equipment can straighten the protective wire + clamp + accurate wire feeding + forming + cutting at one go.

(3) Forming accuracy control: The equipment can be programmed to control the setting of part accuracy requirements, so as to meet the different forming requirements of different wires and different shapes.

(4) Memory system The equipment has memory storage function, which can save the processed formula. When re processing, it only needs to directly transfer the formula to complete the wire forming processing, and 2048 files can be stored for programming.

(5) Control system:The control system of 2D NC wire rod forming machine has a variety of manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic function choices, which is convenient for one machine to be multi-purpose. 32-bit high-performance processor, capable of storing 2048 files Programming, precision 0.01, control precision 0.01 (screw shaft precision up to 0.001), powerful function, reduce equipment investment and reduce production intensity.

3. Technical parameter

Equipment name: CNC 2D Kitchen Basket Wire Forming Machine

Processing wire diameter specification):Φ2-Φ6mm for Ordinary iron wire (customized for increased wire diameter)

Number of control shafts: 4

Power of wire feeding motor: 4.5kw, equipped with 160 Type 1:5 reducer

Bending motor power: 1.8kw with 142 type 1:20 reduce

Inner touch lifting motor powerr: 0.75KW, equipped with 90 type 1: 10 reducer

Cutter motor power: 1.5kw with 120 type 1:10 reducer

Maximum delivery speed: 90m / min), 60m / min (with reduce

Wire feeding accuracy: 9000mm ± 0.1)/ 6000mm ± 0.2 (with reducer)

Maximum bearing capacity of electric wire feeding frame: 1500kg, 3T (large-scale paying off frame

Diameter of outer circle of electric wire feeder: Φ 1500mm

Electric feeding rack motor power: 1.5kw with wpwdk080 × 1:60 reducer

Main machine voltage: three-phase 380V

Main machine weight:1300kg

Main machine size: 2500mm x 1650mm x 1800mm

Weight of electric feeding rack: 400kg

Electric feeding frame size: 1500mmx1500mmx940mm

4. Detailed photos

CNC 2D Kitchen Basket Wire Forming Machine, zhihaomachinery

2d wire forming machine, zhihaomachinery

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