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Morocco customer visit and learn how to use the thread rolling machine

If you are in the machinery industry that requires rolled threads, then you might want to know about thread rolling machines.

Thread rolling is a type of threading process which involves deforming a metal stock by rolling it through dies to form external threads along its surface. Many different kinds of thread rolling machines are used according to the customers need.

Morocco thread rolling machine, zhihaomachinery

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine:

Many industries (Agriculture, aircraft, nuclear, construction, medical, mold die etc.) need their workpiece components to be thread rolled for more strength.

Rolled threads produced on thread rolling machine supply many advantages:



Fine surface finishing

High production efficiency

Minimal defects

Not any chips

Much Low raw material costs

All thread rolling machines are able to make both infeed and throughfeed

The standard thread rolling machines are plan to manufacturing as batch process mode, In the other hand, we have more then 10 units of quality thread grinding machines, and gear

grinding machines for the thread rolling die department.

how to use the thread rolling machine, zhihaomachinery

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