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Automatic Steel Rod Threaded Machine For Georgia

Model: Z28-40 automatic steel rod threaded machine for Georgia
Max rolling diameter: 36mm
Max rolling thread pitch: 4mm
Max rolling pressure: 120kn
Description: Georgia automatic steel rod threaded machine is mainly used in the construction of ribbed steel bar straight screw thread processing, is to achieve reinforced straight thread connection process of key equipment.


Automatic Steel Rod Threaded Machine For Georgia

Technical parameter of Z28-40 anchor bolt threading machine:

Rolling thread range Diameter 4-36mm

Roller size range

Outdiameter 120-170mm

Thread pitch 0.5-4mm

Hole 54mm

Spindle Angle ±6°

Max width 100mm

Max rolling pressure 120kn

Spindle drive power 4.0kw

Spindle RPM 39/49/66/82rpm

Hydraulic transmission power 2.2kw

Dimension 1450*1300*1300mm

Weight 1200kg

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Automatic Steel Rod Threaded Machine manufactured by zhihaomachinery. This type thread rolling machine machine is used for making threaded bars, bolts, studs, u-bolts, foundation bolts etc. This machine is Hydraulic operated with 2 thread rolls which are made from D2 material for long life operation, moreover they can be used again and again after resharping them. Machine is fitted with very easy to operate control pannel as well as machine can be operated from foot pedal too. Thread Rolls are made according to the requirement of client and thread size, moreover heat treated to have almost double life than normal. Coolant oil which is having auto circulation provides long life to the thread rolls of threading machine as well as help to give proper finish to the threaded rods.

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This two rollers thread rolling machine is known as with different names:

Rail screw spike thread rolling machine

Vietnam 2X thread rolling machine

Steel bolts thread rolling machine

Russia tie rod screw thread rolling machine

U bolts thread rolling machine

Taiwan thread rolling machine for sale

China thread rolling machine price

Anchor bolt thread rolling machine

Tie rod hydraulic thread rolling machine

Detailed photos of automatic steel rod threaded machine:

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Free thread rolling dies:

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