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Double Head Diameter Reducing Machine

Double head diameter reducing machine
Reducing range:12-80mm
Reducing extent: ≤5mm
Motor power: 30kw
Reducing length: 500mm
Extension length after reduce: 10%-15%
Capacity: 2-4pcs/min
Dimension: 3100*2300*1650mm
Weight: 4800kg


Double Head Diameter Reducing Machine

This machine is a chipless maching equipment, has the advantages of high production efficiency, easy operation, saving raw materials, stable quality, it is the round steel shall be reduced diameter portion into a special mould by cold pressing, use hydraulic pressure compressing section steel density can be improved greatly, so as to improve the tensile strength of material. While the plasticity ,impact toughness of malpractice. This machine is suitable for 12-80mm low power, low cost, high efficiency.

Technical parameter:

Model SJ80

Reducing range 12-80mm

Reducing extent ≤5mm

Motor power 30kw

Reducing length 500mm

Capacity 2-4pcs/min

Extension length after reduce 10%-15%

Dimension 3100*2300*1650mm

Weight 4800kg

Double head diameter reducing machine on processing:

diameter reducing machine, zhihaomachinery

double head diameter reducing machine, zhihaomachinery

Customized Moulds:

diameter reducing machine for vietnam, zhihaomachinery

Workpiece after use diameter reducing machine:

automatic diameter reducing machine, zhihaomachinery

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