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Steel bar rod necking machine

Model: SJ-25 Steel bar rod necking machine
Reducing range:12-24mm
Reducing extent: ≤2.5mm
Motor power: 11kw
Reducing length: 250mm
Extension length after reduce: 10%-15%
Capacity: 5-8pcs/min
Dimension: 1650*1600*1600mm
Weight: 1400kg


Steel bar rod necking machine

working video:https://youtu.be/5a24UGmXGa4

1. High precision, stability and high durability

2. Easy operation and maintenance

3. Hydraulic system for driving with large pressure

4. #32, #68 hydraulic oil will be ok for this machine

5. Molds are designed and produced according to exact requirements

6. Reducing length and diameter can be adjustable

7.Safe electric controller with CE Certificates

Reducing diameter equipment:

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steel bar necking machine, zhihaomachinery

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Model: SJ-50 rebar diameter reduce machine technical parameter

Reducing range 12-52mm

Reducing extent ≤3mm

Motor power 15kw

Reducing length 400mm

Capacity 3-6pcs/min

Extension length after reduce 10%-15%

Dimension 2250*1550*1650mm

Weight 2700kg

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