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cnc rebar bending machine from China

Model: KT1
Max single bending diameter: 10mm
Max double bending diameter: 6mm
Total power: 14kw
Description: 1. The cnc rebar bending machine is used for bending .
2. The cnc rebar bending machine uses high-quality, fast, energy-saving steel construction process, ensuring efficiency and effective.
3. But also provides the premise for the low price and high quality.
4. widly variety.can produce more than 100 different types wokpiece


cnc rebar bending machine from China

Working video: https://youtu.be/eTdI3MU3cQ8

Technical parameter of automatic stirrup bending machine:

stirrup bender parameter, zhihaomachinery

CNC rebar bending machine can be used for one-time forming of stirrups, hooks, and special-shaped parts. It can automatically complete the straightening, sizing, bending, cutting and counting functions of rebar and round steel. The equipment uses a numerical control system, and controls the servo system through a touch screen and PLC. The finished stirrup has high processing accuracy, stable and reliable quality, and has strong graphic storage capabilities. It can save a lot of labor and waste. Improving processing efficiency is an indispensable part of modern construction buildings, and it is also an intelligent equipment that meets national standards.

Detailed photos of automatic cnc hook bending machine:

cnc rebar bending machine, zhihaomachinery

rebar bending machine from china, zhihaomachinery

Finished workpieces of coil bar hook bender:

coil bar hook bending machine, zhihaomachinery

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