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Z28-40 China factory thread rolling machine in Saudi Arabia

Model: Z28-40 thread rolling machine factory
Max rolling diameter: 36mm
Max rolling thread pitch: 4mm
Max rolling pressure: 120kn
Description: anchor bolt threading machine is mainly used in the construction of ribbed steel bar straight screw thread processing, is to achieve reinforced straight thread connection process of key equipment.


Z28-40 China factory thread rolling machine in Saudi Arabia

Technical parameter:

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Many industries (Agriculture, aircraft, nuclear, construction, medical, mold, die etc.) need their workpiece components to be thread rolled for more strength.

Rolled threads produced on thread rolling machine supply many advantages:



Fine surface finishing

High production efficiency

Minimal defects

Not any chips

Much Low raw material costs

All thread rolling machines are able to make both infeed and throughfeed, that can do both bolts and studs as well as long-length threaded workpieces.

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This thread rolling machine machine is known as with different names:

Hydraulic Threading Machine

Two Roll Thread/Threading Machine

Thread bar making machine

Automatic Threading Machine

Automatic Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

Automatic Scaffolding Machine

Automatic Threading Machinery

Automatic U-bolt/Bolts Threading Machine

Automatic Internal Threading Machine

Thread Rolling Machine

Scaffolding Thread Rolling Machine

Hydraulic 3 Roll Thread Rolling Machine

Scaffolding Threading Machine

Automatic Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturer

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