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Z94 Automatic Galvanized Wire Nail Making Machine

Model: Z94 Automatic Galvanized Wire Nail Making MachineMachine Price
Max diameter of nail: 4.5mm
Min diameter of nail: 2.8mm
Description: 4C Steel Wire Iron Nails Making Machine Price adopts plunger type structure to ensure its high working speed, low noise and low impact characteristics.


Z94 Automatic Galvanized Wire Nail Making Machine

working video: https://youtu.be/_uXqCV9PU20

Automatic galvanized wire nail making machine is mainly used to manufacture various specifications of steel nails. If slightly modified, other special steel nails can be manufactured, such as oil blanket nails, V-nails, U-nails, corrugated nails, shooting nails, gun nails and so on. The steel nails can be widely used in industry, construction and repair. The main design of the machine refers to the design of similar high-precision products in West Germany, and adopts the domestic and foreign customers. According to the principle of advantageous use and operation, a new generation of automatic nail-making machine has been developed independently. The equipment has beautiful appearance, smooth lines, scientific and reasonable structure, and the clearance adjustment of the central slider adopts the iron-type adjustment, which makes the operation and maintenance more convenient. The lubrication adopts the automatic oil supply system, making the work more stable and reliable, and the noise greatly reduced (about 10 points). Beibei) greatly improved working conditions and reduced the restrictions of specifications of various models, which can effectively reduce the investment cost of investors. Once the nailing process is fully automated, high quality steel nails can be continuously produced once they are started.

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Technical parameter of Z94 automatic galvanized wire nail making machine:

4C steel nail making machine

Dia of nail : 2.8-4.5mm                

Length of nail : 2-4inch  

designed capacity : 280 pcs/min

Motor power :5.5kw

Weight : 2000 kg

Dimensions: 2130*1560*1580mm

Application: Common nails is widely used in construction and decoration, such as soft and hard wood, bamboo ware, ordinary plastic, mud wall, repair furniture, packing wooden cases, etc.

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Free moulds for Z94 automatic galvanized wire nail making machine:

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The processing flow is based on your original material:

1, Scrap Wires→ Scrap Wire Drawing Machine → Nail Forming → Nail Polishing → Finished Nails → Package

2, New Wire Rod→ Wire Drawing Machine→ Nail Making → Nail Polishing → Finished Nails → Package

Package and delivery:

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