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Steel nail making machine

Model: Z94-4C
Max diameter of nail: 4.5mm
Min diameter of nail: 2.8mm
Description: we are common steel wire nail making machine supplier from china.
we have concrete nail making machine and nail polishing machine for selling. Steel wire nail cutter,steel nail die,steel nail mold,wire drawing machine for nail.


Steel nail making machine

Our Z94-4C steel nail making machine adopts piston structure to ensure the high working speed, low noise and less chance of impact characteristics, especially can make excellent quality YouMao nail and other special-shaped nail which are suitable for high speed studs for welding machine and nail gun.


4C steel nail making machine

Dia of nail : 2.8-4.5mm                

Length of nail : 2-4inch  

designed capacity : 280 pcs/min

Motor power :5.5kw

Weight : 2000 kg




5C common nail making machine

Dia of nail : 3.0-5.5mm

Length of nail : 70-150mm

designed capacity : 240 pcs/min

capacity: 150kg/h

Motor power : 5.5 kw/h

Weight :2100 kg

dimensions :2.3×1.6×1.5m

The processing flow is based on your original material:

1, Scrap Wires→ Scrap Wire Drawing Machine → Nail Forming → Nail Polishing → Finished Nails → Package

2, New Wire Rod→ Wire Drawing Machine→ Nail Making → Nail Polishing → Finished Nails → Package

steel nail making machine, zhihaomachinery

common nail making machine, zhihaomachinery

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