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ZP28-65 three roll type tube thread rolling machine

ZP28-65 hydraulic 3 axis thread rolling machine for hollow pipe and tube

high precision and speed, cold rolling and chipless processing, the plastic deformation of the surface of the part is formed by high precision, high speed, long service lofe, good finish and smoothness. 

stable and efficient performance, improve and quality and precision of the sleeve, long service life and improve work efficiency.

thickened body is durable, fully cast body with the thick material, reasonable design, solid structure, excellent production, low maintenance and maintenance cost.

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three roll thread rolling machine, zhihaomachinery

The ZP28-65 three roll type tube thread rolling machine is a kind of multi-function cold extrusion forming machine, and the spinning function can process the thread, straight grain and twill rolling in the cold state within the range of the rolling pressure. Rolling of straight teeth, oblique teeth and helical spline gear; Straightening, reducing, rolling and all kinds of forming rolling.

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thread rolling machine for hollow pipe, zhihaomachinery

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