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Z28-150 Thailand Thread Rolling Machine for U-Bolt

thailand thread rolling machine, zhihaomachinery

Technical Parameter:

Model 150 Thailand thread rolling machine

Rolling thread range Diameter 5-56mm

Max thread pitch 5.0mm

Spindle angle ±8°

Max rolling pressure 180kn

Spindle RPM 37/46/63/79rpm

Roller size range Outside diameter 120-170mm

Hole 54mm Max width 30-100mm

Rolling time 0.1-99.9s

Rest time 0.1-99.9s

Spindle drive power 5.5kw

Hydraulic transmission power 2.2kw

Cooling pump power 90w

Dimension 1560*1450*1450mm

Weight 1850kg

bolt thread rolling machine, zhihaomachinery

U bolt thread rolling machine, zhihaomachinery

Our model Z28-150 thailand thread rolling machine used for making thread on bolts, screws, fasteners, threaded rods, rebar. Can with antomatic feeding device. It can be processed radially or axially, and it can be processed with the corresponding rolling wheel to process ordinary bolts, special bolts and tie rods etc.

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