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Construction rebar stirrups bending machine for Australia customer

Model KT4 ( develop no.4) construction rebar stirrups bending machine for Australia customer.

He make for stirrups shapes and size as below:

stirrups bending machine, zhihaomachinery


1. The special structure design, easy to deal with ribbed bars straightening, straightening ribbed bar does not injury.

2. Curve reinforcing bar staightening mechanism improves the straightening effect of steel bar and prevents the axial torsion of reinforcing bar.

3. Vertical straightening mechanism, each steel bar can be individually straightened to ensure the straightening quality of the steel bar.

4. All roller are made of high quality alloy steel, high hardness, good wear resistance, improved service life.

5. Close to the corner of the steel molding machine to control the steel bar, in order to ensure the quality of bending.

australia stirrups bending machine, zhihaomachinery

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