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Automatic steel wire drawing machine for nail production line

Cheap continuous drum wheel iron wire drawing machine - We are professional steel wire drawing machine manufacturer, our price is very competitive in Chinese market. Pulley type wire drawing machine is ideal equipment to draw low carbon and middle carbon steel wire. It also can draw copper aluminum nonferrous metals and alloy wire. Based on common motor by using frequency change it can effectively control speed of drawing wire, saving about 20-30% power enhance capacity. It is widely used in steel wire factory, galvanized steel wire factory, nail making factory.

Technical parameter of automatic steel wire drawing machine:

Inlet wire diameter: 6.5mm

Outlet wire diameter: 3.5mm

Drawing speed: 270m/min

Drums: 5

Theoretical capacity: 900-1000kg/h

Weight: 2.5tons

Motor: 75KW

Outside dimension: 4.75*1.35*2.2m (L*W.H)

Voltage: 380v/50Hz

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Main Features of Automatic Steel Wire Drawing Machine:

1. The inclined surface design of the machine makes the overall performance of the machine outstanding, which is conducive to operation.
2. The extension wheel scientifically distributes the axis spacing to improve the wire elongation.
3. The force of the extension wheel is even.
4. The bearing is manufactured with good strength.
This product is combined with the straightening and cutting section machine to form a production line for dephosphorization, extension, straightening, and cut to length.

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