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upsetting machine that increases the bar diameter

rebar upsetting machine, zhihaomachinery

Rebar upsetting machine using hydraulic cold heading of the principle of plastic deformation of steel ends, the diameter increases 4 ~ 6mm, and then processing thread. So that the actual cross-sectional area after processing thread larger than the original cross-sectional area of steel, greatly improving the tensile strength joints.

This upsetting of the threaded connector by the tensile test of all broken in the base metal for the higher requirements of engineering steel upsetting machine hydraulic technology, upsetting steel for straight thread connection technology, the use of sleeve connector . The device is suitable for the diameter of 16 ~ 40mmHRB335 (Ⅱ grade steel), HRB400 (Ⅲ grade steel) hot-rolled ribbed steel production upsetting straight thread steel joint.

rebar upset cold forging machine, zhihaomachinery

what is the technical parameter of rebar upsetting machine?

Model HDCJ-32S

Voltage 380V

Hydraulic fluid 68# antiwear hydraulic oil

Power 7.5kw

Max Pressure 80Mpa

Weight 880kg

Size 705*1100*150mm

automatic rebar upsetting machine, zhihaomachinery

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