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Automatic double wire mesh chain link fence weaving net making machine

Model: 2-2000
Machine width: 2m
Wire mesh width: 0.5-2m
Wearing parts: Moulds, Shear knife, Proximity switch
Description: It is suitable for high quality low-carbon wire, galvanized wire, pvc cpated wire, aluminum alloy wire, aluminum-clad steel wire, stainless steel wire etc.


Automatic double wire mesh chain link fence weaving net making machine

working video: https://youtu.be/Cm7okQE6lbE

chain link fence weaving net making machine, zhihaomachinery

The successful development of the fully automatic double wire chain link fence machine has doubled the production efficiency of the chain link fence machine, but the requirements for the wire and the control of the automatic weaving speed are high, and the tension and elasticity of the double wire must be uniform.

Chain link fence machine is a wire mesh machine that crochets low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire,PVC wire, and sprayed wire into chain link fence. The mesh has uniform meshes, smooth surface, and elegant appearance. , The width of the net is adjustable, the thickness of the wire diameter is adjustable, it is not easy to be corroded, and the life is long,the weaving is simple, beautiful and practical.

wire mesh chain link fence machine, zhihaomachinery

Technical parameter:

Model: 2-2000

Machine width: 2m

Wire mesh width: 0.5-2m

Overall dimension: netting: 5.8m *1m *2.2m, Lockrand: 5.7m *1m *1.4m, rolling mesh: 2.7m *1m *0.7m

Machine weight: 1700kg

Wire diameter: 2.0-4.5mm

Grid size: 25-120mm

Capacity: 50-120m2/h

Voltage: 3 phase 380v   ( if need other volatge, can custom made)

Power:  Major motor: 5.5kw Servo motor 1 set   Cutter: 2.2kw brake motor 1 set             

lockrand: 0.75kw 3 phase motor 2 sets         
rolling mesh: 0.75kw 3 phase motor 1 set (rolling mesh machine)         
water pump: 30w motor 1 set

Details parts of Fully Automatic Chain Link Fence Wire Netting Machine:

(1)Double wire feeding system

1,Double wire feeding can add speed of machine. this part can remove. It is easy for loading machine.

2,Two wires twist together,and turn into the finished mesh hole. so the production can be increased to max 180 Square Meter/ Hour.

(2)Mould and Soap device

1,the material of the mould is specially treated, which increases the service life. Each machine will be equipped with three different sizes.

2,Soap water can lubricate machine & wire, which make working smoothly. the device can make soap water recycling.


(3)Mesh width adjustment

the machine increases the motor for adjusting the width of wire mesh and saves labor.


(4)Mesh Compacting system

1,the finished wire mesh can be making into mesh rolls or compacted into bundles.

2,the mesh rolling machine and mesh Compacting machine, you can choose one of them.


(5)Control system

the operating platform on the machine can be adjusted within a certain range, which is convenient for operation. the screen displays Chinese and English or more languages.

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