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Stirrups Bending Machine Fabrication

Model: KT2 CNC Stirrups Bending Machine Fabrication
Max single bending diameter: 12mm
Max double bending diameter: 8mm
Total power: 20kw
Description: 1. The cnc stirrup bending machine is used for bending .
2. The cnc stirrup bending machine uses high-quality, fast, energy-saving steel construction process, ensuring efficiency and effective.
3. But also provides the premise for the low price and high quality.
4. widly variety.can produce more than 100 different types wokpiece


Stirrups Bending Machine Fabrication

Model KT2 single bending way stirrup bending machine fabrication

Single wire Round steel 4-12mm

Ribbed bar 4-10mm

Double wire Round steel 4-8mm

Ribbed steel bar 4-8mm

Max bending angle ±180°

Center pin diameter 16/18/20

Max towing speed 60m/min

Max bending speed 800°/sec

Dimension 3200*1000*1700mm

Machine color Yellow (customized)

Process piece ≤ 2

Air system pressure ≥ 0.8mpa

Total power 20kw

Work temperature -5℃---40℃

Length accuracy ±1mm

Angle accuracy ±1°

Average power 5kw/h

Weight 1350kg

stirrup bending machine fabrication, zhihaomachinery

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stirrup bender machine, zhihaomachinery

Advantages of stirrups bending machine fabrication:

1. Mechanical cut, more stable, no failure

Not affected by the weather, bending fast.

2. Main frame material is 10*10 square steel; National standard; High stability

3. More wheels on the Straighten plate, good effect

4.Feeding device is box structure, stable wire feeding, high speed, high precision

5. Can choose forward and reverse bending

6. Free air pump (air compressor)

7. Variety of species for choose. High-end, mid-range, low-end.

Finished workpieces of stirrups bending machine fabrication:

stirrups bending machine fabrication, zhihaomachinery

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