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R9 automatic cnc stirrup hook bending machine

Model: R9 automatic cnc stirrup hook bending machine
Max single bending diameter: 14mm
Max double bending diameter: 10mm
Total power: 27kw
Dimension: 4.6*1.45*2.2m
Weight: 2200kg


R9 automatic cnc stirrup hook bending machine

Advantages of automatic stirrup bender:

1 This equipment adopts servo controlling system;

2 Automatically accomplish the functions of rebar feeding, straighten, bending and cutting etc;

3 Max bending diameter of rebar is 12mm;

4 Continuously bend various stirrup of plane figure;

5 Bidirectional bending function, rebar stirrup bending machine can make special-shaped;

6 High efficiency and accurate processing precision;

7 Double roller synchronization with a wire feed system,easy to use and more convenient to study.

stirrup hook bending machine, zhihaomachinery

       R9 stirrup bending machine, zhihaomachinery

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