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3d cnc wire bending machine from China

Model: 3d cnc wire bending machine from China
Axis: 9
Total power: 27.8kw
Machine weight: 3500kg
Feeding roller number 3 pairs
Wire turning angle unlimited
Platform lifting height 25-120mm
Twisting head lift height 20-80mm
Left to right moving range
Left:100mm Right:60mm
Feeding front and back moving range
Front:300mm Back:100mm


3d cnc wire bending machine from China

Main Features:

1.Hydraulic driven with large pressure, speed uniformity and low noise;

2.Apply to one piece or several pieces metal wires bending, high efficiency and good forming;

3.Apply to single angle bending or continuous automatic bending for polygonal frame through PLC controlled;

4.Quadrilateral length can adjust to any length for bending within machine width;

5.Special design the mold size and control the stroke of bending cylinder to obtain different bending angle;

6.Widely used for wire frame ,angle bending and forming of metal material, such as iron wire(plate), steel wire(plate),aluminum wire(plate),copper wire (plate),etc.

3d cnc wire bending machine, zhihaomachinery

Application field:

1. Auto Industry area

2. Metal wire industry

3. Display table and cargo shelf

4. Furniture and Kitchen

5. Hardware industry

6. Mattress, Sofa spring area

7. Architecture area

3d wire bending machine from china, zhihaomachinery

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