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Portable stirrup bender for construction

Semi-automatic stirrup bending machine

Portable stirrup bender for construction

GF-20/25/28/32/36/42 semi-automatic stirrup bending machine is a kind of bending machine used in Engineering. The process of the machine is simplified, it is easy to use. Bending angle and size can be arbitrarily adjusted. It can process 4-20/25/28/32/36/42mm round steel bars into any shapes.

Description of stirrup bending machine:

1) Easy to use: safety, angle standard, high speed, convenient to carry.

2) Easy to operate: only one person at work, dont need training, also can operate.

3) Foot switch with 90 degrees and 135 degrees, angle transform freely.

4) Angle standard: adjust the angle range between 0-360 degrees.

5) Highly speed: RPM 15-30r /min, machining workpiece 500-600 pcs/h.

Technical parameter for stirrup bender:

Model Bending diameter Power Working speed

GF-20 4-20mm 2.2kw 25-30r/min

GF-25 4-25mm 3.0kw 25-30r/min

GF-28 4-28mm 3.0kw 25-30r/min

GF-32 4-32mm 3.0kw20-25r/min

GF-36 4-36mm 4.0kw 20-25r/min

GF-42 4-42mm 4.0kw 15-20r/min

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