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How to debug the thread rolling machine?

1) First, after the thread roller is installed on the two spindles, the two thread roller should not collide when checking the feed of the spindle.

2) Loosen the lock nut of the center distance adjustment handle at the rear of the movable spindle base.

3) Then adjust the movable spindle seat to feed in place.

debug thread rolling machine, zhihaomachinery

4) Then shake the spindle center distance adjustment handle, so that the two thread rollers can be embedded in the workpiece thread as well.

5) At this time, when the thread rollers does not completely match the thread of the standard specimen, the pulley shaft can be shaken to drive the main shaft, so that the two-axis thread roller is completely in line with the thread of the standard specimen, and then fix all the loose places.

6) Make final adjustments. At this time, the center distance of the two thread rollers is the initial center distance of the rolled workpiece, and the latter value should be further adjusted according to the center diameter of the workpiece during the test rolling.

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