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What is the punching and shearing machine use for?

Multi-function punching and shearing machine, Angle iron and Angle channel punching and shearing cutting ironworker machine from China zhihaomachinery

The punching and shearing machine is a newly designed product of our factory and a series of products in the machinery industry. It is novel in design, compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, reliable in performance, small in size, light in weight, multi-functional, fast in operation and convenient in use. It is widely used in sheet metal , shaped metal and shaped metal punching, hole and die shearing.

punching and shearing cutting ironworker machine, zhihaomachinery

Technical parameter of angle iron cutting machine:

Max. shear force 900KN

Stroke 36mm

Model QA32-12

Power 4KW

Weight 1100KG

Dimension 1100*800*1500(mm)


Angle steel 125*125*12

Channel steel GB 140#

Round hole Φ31*12

Long hole 40*21*12

Cutting board 330*12

Round bar Φ40

Right angle 75*75

V angle 50*50

Bevel 125*125

Moulds for Angle Iron Steel Punching Machine Shearing Machine:

moulds of punching and shearing machine, zhihaomachinery

Applications of Iron Steel Hydraulic Iron Workers Punching And Shearing Machine:

Iron Steel Hydraulic Iron Workers Punching And Shearing Machine, zhihaomachinery

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Contact: kitty

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E-mail: sales@zhihaomachinery.com

Whatsapp:+86 15512868421

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