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Cadreuse automatique 4-8mm mécanique

Stirrup Bending Machine from feeding, descaling, straightening extends curved shape, cut a variety of processes single one alive, directly produced a variety of specifications of various sizes, fully meet the design requirements. A variety of specifications can be processed in various sizes square, rectangle, diamond, polygon, etc.

Stirrup Bending Machine can automatically complete straightening steel, length, bend-shaping and cutting and other functions, saving time, high production efficiency can be achieved automatic, uninterrupted processing operation.

The advantages are small footprint, easy to operate, safe, reliable, low energy consumption, compact, easy maintenance, etc .

Now the high cost of the artificial production of stirrups, the machine saves manpower, improves the efficiency of the production of stirrups .

Bending Machine is widely used in railway, highways, bridges, real estate, steel plants and other larges areas.

Stirrup Bending Machine properties: automatic straightening, bending and cutting in one shape.

Hydraulic Control

Accuracy 1mm

Bending shape 800

Max bending diameter 16mm

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