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To Best Thread Rolling Machine

Model: Z28-360 To Best Thread Rolling Machine
metal steel thread rolling machine,foundation bolt screw thread rolling machine
Max rolling diameter: 100mm
Max rolling thread pitch: 10mm
Max rolling pressure: 450kn
Description: Z28-360 metal steel hread rolling machines are used to produce screws, bolts, and studs. Thread rolling is a cold-form forming operation used to form external screw threads in a blank. During the thread rolling process, a hard die is pressed onto a rotating workpiece (also called a blank) that is attached to the tie rod thread rolling machine.


To Best Thread Rolling Machine

What does a to best thread rolling machine do?

Thread rolling is a metal forging process that forms threads into the mirror image of a roller die. The process is different from metal cutting, grinding, and chasing because it does not remove any metal from the workpiece.

Technical parameter of to best thread rolling machine:

Items Z28-360

Rolling thread range Diameter 100mm

Max thread pitch 10mm

Spindle angle ±10°

Max rolling pressure 450kn

Spindle RPM CVT

Roller size range Outside diameter 230mm

Hole 75/85mm

Max width 200mm

Rolling time 0.1-99.9s

Rest time 0.1-99.9ss

Spindle drive power 15kw

Hydraulic transmission power 11kw

Dimension 2150*1850*1550mm

Weight 3600kg

Photos for foundation to best thread rolling machine:

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