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ss round pipe polishing machine for Indonesia

ss round pipe polishing machine for Indonesia
Processing diameter 10-80mm
Processing length 100-6000mm
Spindle diameter 32mm
Mounting wheel diameter diameter 250mm
Diameter of guide wheel 120mm
Mounting wheel thickness 80mm
Spindle speed 2800rpm/min
Polishing wheel motor 3 KW*4
Guide wheel speed 200-1000rpm/min
Guide wheel motor 0.75kw
Working speed 0-30 m/min (stepless speed regulation)
Dust removal environmental protection device Yes (optional)
Water mill device (optional)
Dust removal motor 2.2 KW
Dimensions 2420*1120*1080mm
Weight 1500kg


ss round pipe polishing machine for Indonesia

Suitable for double-sided circular tube polishing, double-sided flat polishing, PLC man-machine interface control, high production efficiency.


The round tube (diameter 10-35mm and length less than 1000mm) fixture drives the round tube to rotate 360 degrees for polishing treatment

Square tube (diameter 10-35mm length less than 1000mm)

1, the upper and lower polishing wheel to polish the upper and lower front.

2, the fixture rotates 90 degrees on the left and right sides of the polishing treatment

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  1. Easy to operate,automatic,energy saving ,long service life

  2. The polishing speed increased by 30%~40%

  3. Machine is heavier than peers,stable operation,long service lifes

  4. With manual loading common automatic off loading

  5. Large production capacity.

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Indonesia pipe polishing machine, zhihaomachinery

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