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Scrap Rebar Straightening Machine

Automatic Strap Rebar Straightening Machine is usefull for construction site.

It is can do various diameter, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm etc......

scrap rebar straightening machine, zhihaomachinery

Waste steel bar straightening machine advantages:

1. High speed straightening and good performance.

2. No scratches on the steel bar surface.

3. Recycle the waste steel bar, Eco friendly.

4. Simply operation, saving time and labor cost, safe and convenient.

waste rebar straightening machine, zhihaomachinery


For example: worker use the cnc stirrup bending machine to make stirrups. when testing right shapes. will be produce some waste bar. then need rebar straightening machine to recover these waste bar. and second time used.

R8 cnc stirrup bending machine, zhihaomachinery

So what is the diameter range of your bar? min and max?

Contact zhihaomachinery freely. will recommend suitable straightening machine for you.

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